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GameTap begins filling game losses with publisher Meridian4


It's time for GameTap to start filling up the hole left by the 70+ games it'll lose Dec. 11. Publisher Meridian4 announced today they'll be putting their titles on the service. Does this make up for the loss of EA, Interplay and other publishers from the service? Not even close, but it's a start.

The irritation customers are expressing with the loss of titles from GameTap doesn't seem so much that it happened, but how it all went down. Business is business, and subscribers are now well aware that games on the service have a contractual shelf life. The problem involves subscribers -- who had an understandably less-than-complete comprehension of how games exist on GameTap -- being told abruptly about the removal of titles two weeks before it happens. Adding insult to injury, a serious lapse in judgment occurred when GameTap hyped hitting 1000 games, only to renege on the milestone less than two weeks later. Hopefully the service has learned from its mistake.

Update: Rick Sanchez, VP of GameTap content, did make a statement today about the situation.

[Via Press Release]

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