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Monstrous Kaliri, how I hate thee

Matthew Rossi

Some days this quest is easy, and some days I am wearing six giant birds before I get to the first patch of eggs. Much wisdom flows from my wife, she who tames transparent wolves and gets multiple instance runs the second I log off to use the bathroom. (In my defense, I really had to go.)

I myself have also noticed that on some days, especially when the cooking quest calls for Giant Kaliri Wings, the run to complete Fires over Skettis is quite tolerable. On other days, I am convinced that my character must have bathed in barbeque sauce before coming out to drop bombs, because he's intensely popular with gigantic, screeching birds that live and breathe for just the chance to dismount him. Have I mentioned how often they actually manage to knock me off my mount so that I fall with six health left right in front of a wandering Talonsworn Forest-Rager? Because I love that. That sound? That's not weeping. I don't know why you would say that. My keyboard's plenty dry.

Similarly, some times I fly through the air dropping bombs on cannonballs with impunity, a god of the skies, and other days I can't move six inches without getting enough flak that my butt should be magnetic. I'm not sure what the deal is with this. I've done the quest with no one but me in the air, I've done it with the air absolutely thick with aerial bombadiers, it never seems to matter. Some days the fel cannons can't hit me if I stop in front of them, and some days I can't avoid them if I do crazy Snoopy vs. the Red Baron maneuvers. And I have come to dread the Eye of the Storm daily, as no matter what character I am on, I seem to need six matches to get that thing out of my log. But I do pretty well if it's WSG or AV, while I have guildmates who still have the AV one from last week in their logs, staring dejectedly at it.

How are the daily quests treating you? Are you doing them? Please do the cooking quests, especially the one that asks you to kill Kaliri. I don't care if you do the others or not but help a guy out here.

Edited to add: Just took my 70 draenei shaman out, and the spacebar move has either been fixed, or I was somehow doing it wrong.

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