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Nokia busts out Internet Radio beta

Chris Ziegler

Despite a well-supported, open smartphone platform, plenty of 3G devices running said platform, and a large, vibrant community of developers, options for streaming radio on S60-based Nokias are disappointingly few and far between. Don't get us wrong, they exist -- trust us, we've tried them -- but it's an obvious use of HSDPA's generous bandwidth that seems largely (and strangely) underserviced. Nokia's finally taken matters into its own hands and released its Internet Radio beta, featuring a library of streaming stations from across the globe that automatically adjust bitrate based on your connection (audiophiles might not be too happy with what they get over EDGE, but hey, beggars can't be choosers). Grab the beta now for your N82, N91, N95, or N95 8GB -- oh, and don't be fooled by Nokia's graphic here, Internet Radio sure as heck isn't working on an XpressMusic 5200.

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