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WoW Moviewatch: I am a Paladin


Quite a few people wrote in to report that Blizzard's latest advertising campaign, featuring William Shatner and Mr. T, covers more than just the English-speaking audience. A Spanish language commercial, featuring actor Willy Toledo. And though you may not know the name, Paladins seem to approve of the commercial, which shows the Paladin as a melee class. An approximate translation:

Hi, my name is Willy Toledo... and I am a Paladin. I am a combination of a spell caster and a specialist in melee combat... up-close and personal, clearly what I like most. But this is serious, I´m a protector of the Holy Light. I am Willy Toledo, and I'm a Paladin. And you? What's your game?

As a note, the "melee combat" mention above translates more directly as "body-to-body" combat -- so now we all know that this commercial is only a Blessing of Protection joke away from Illegal Danish 2.

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