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Breaking news: Xbox boss says Xbox best value


In a surprisingly candid interview with MSNBC Don Mattrick (AKA the new Peter Moore) shared his heartfelt opinion that the Xbox 360 represented the best value of the three major consoles, saying, "On a price per value basis, I think we win ... relative to Sony and Nintendo." He elaborated that his "consumer instincts" told him that the Xbox offered "the best blend of performance, price, online and games - by far." He elaborated further that the Xbox is really starting to rack up hit games, saying, "If you look at our quality ratings, there [are] more 85-plus rated games on Xbox 360, by a long shot, when you compare it with PlayStation 3 and Wii." He then tossed a bone to GTAIV, noting that it could be a "Halo equivalent" when it releases next year. Finally, Mattrick said that the Xbox 360 should be able to compete with the PS3's vaunted ten year lifespan, concluding that Microsoft will push its "fundamentals" and "over-deliver value and satisfaction to consumers." In this world of public relations, spin, and press releases, it's really nice to see someone step up to the plate and tell it like it is.

Hit the "read" link for the full interview, which also discusses Games for Windows, Xbox Live, and Mattrick's humble beginnings.

Author's note: the above article is written in a sarcastic tone. For maximum entertainment value (of which X3F provides the best), please read the article with this in mind. Also, we kid Don Mattrick, we kid!


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