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Engadget rips open the Vii

Justin McElroy

When the robots revolt and decide to overthrow humanity this is the sort of video that will be part of their propaganda films, convincing the on-the-fence robots that humanity is a plague that needs to be cleansed from the earth. Watch as the Engadget Chinese staffers rip open a helpless Vii (yes, you read that right) and laugh at the puny brain luxuriating in its cavernous digs. You can almost hear the death knell of humanity can't you?

Listen, the Vii can't help it that it's but a shabby imitator of the much more popular and (one would gather from the video) powerful Nintendo Wii. Don't you think it's self-conscious enough about that without you guys picking apart (literally) its other faults? ... Whatever. Just don't come crying to us when the metal ones decide to come for you ... and they will.

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