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Football (not Soccer) MMO in the works


Now this sounds interesting: CyberSports' Football Superstars is a soccer career MMO, where you not only play realtime matches against other online players, but where you're also meant to actively pursue fame and fortune by seeking out representation. Working out the timing on matches could be tricky; obviously there will be pre-appointed dates and times for matches, and every member must be there to fill out the roster.

Also, the article shows what they claim are screenshots, but I have my doubts. Unless they're dealing with an incredibly powerful rendering engine that can handle cloth deformation on the fly, AND each avatar really is standing in front of a stadium full of blurry, indistinct spectators, then I must call foul. Still, the concept is intriguing -- might it be enough to bring in footy fans who might not otherwise play an MMO?

Personally, I just like saying 'footy'.

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