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Free 360 content now coming to Silver members a week late

Justin McElroy

With the PS3 constantly expanding its free online offering, the onus has been put on Microsoft to justify (or drop) its fees for Xbox Live Gold. The company has given Gold members a pseudo added value by keeping free content (demos, DLC, etc.) exclusive to Gold members for one week, after which it will be passed down like a threadbare, stained Led Zeppelin T-shirt to Silver members.

You read that right, Gold members: Your newest perk is that Silver members are getting hosed. We'll give you a moment to luxuriate in the exclusivity. Making it even sweeter, Silver members will still be able to see the content, it will just be undownloadable, a status signified by a red circle with a line through it. We Gold members will be pushing to have that symbol replaced with a picture of Bill Gates giving you the finger.

[Via X3F]

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