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Monks, Half-Orcs, and Half-Elves coming to DDO

Michael Zenke

The folks at TenTonHammer tend to get some great interviews done, and a recent chat between managing editor Cody Bye and members of the Dungeons and Dragons Online development team is no exception. Kate Paiz and Steve Muray took some time out of the dev cycle to talk about plans for the upcoming Module Six update. This is going to be another massive content update, centered around an invasion of devils into the prime material realm of Eberron.

The module is called the Thirteenth Eclipse, and it's scheduled to release sometime in January. In this update we're going to be introducing a completely new storyline centered around the invasion of an army of devils into Eberron. The players are going to have to combat the devils on an all new landscape called the Veil of Twilight as the Plane Shavarath is being interwoven into the very fabric of the player landscape.

They also discuss plans out into next year, where the Monk class and two new half-human races are planned as free content additions. The developers specifically address the issue of Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, for what I believe is the first time.

We're definitely interested in exploring the new game once we get all the details from the new game and what that is going to entail. However, we don't have any specific changes in mind, and that's going to be a decision that we're going to evaluate a bit closer to when the 4.0 rule set is going to be released.

Fascinating to think they might go for a low-level change in game mechanics at this late date. Dungeons and Dragons Online is going to be celebrating its second anniversary in February, a date that Turbine promises will see lots of excitement for players.

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