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Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: Premiere!

Chris Jahosky

Welcome to the very first edition of my new weekly column, Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn! For a long time, I've wanted to share the stories I've dreamed up or have been inspired to write by Warcraft. And with such a rich, lore-filled universe to draw on, the world of Azeroth is the perfect place to tell these tales.

I've always been a fan of graphic novels, so it was an easy choice for me to decide to present these stories in a comic book style format. Each week, a new page of the story will be uploaded for your viewing and reading enjoyment. For the premiere of this new column, however, I'm giving you the cover and the first two pages!

I'm looking forward to exploring many different types of stories in this format as well, from murder mysteries to full on epic tales of battle. I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy creating them! So, without further delay, click the gallery below to start reading the first issue of Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn!

Gallery: Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn | 15 Photos

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