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Wii, DS ninja party game strikes from the shadows in March 2008

Jason Dobson

Right on time, agents from EA have stepped from the shadows to confirm details surrounding the previously revealed Ninja Reflex, a "ninja party game" for the Wii and DS. The game, which will ship in March 2008, will be co-published by both EA and the appropriately named Nunchuck Games, and is being developed by Sanzaru Games, a new California studio founded earlier this year by seven former Activision devs with an obvious ninja obsession. And who can blame them?

While we presume that a Wii-based ninja party game will have us lurking from the rafters and terrorizing the family cat, EA notes that Ninja Reflex's gameplay will center on performing challenges and testing reaction time " with millisecond precision" as players try to earn the right to wear the coveted black belt. There is also promise of four player multiplayer matches, and while we've grown weary of traditional party games, we imagine there's nothing quite as satisfying as the crunch that comes from leaving your best mates blackened and bloodied as they beg for mercy after being beaten senseless at the business end of your Wii remote.

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