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Confirmed: Beats is the best PSP game ever


We'd write a much more thorough review right now. But there's a problem -- Beats has taken control, and we find it difficult to stop playing it. Before you read any further, make sure you load the PLAYSTATION Store, get your credit card ready, and download Beats. It's only $5 -- you won't even notice the cost. What can you do in Beats? A lot.
  • Import your music -- and play it! Yes, Beats will detect every song on your Memory Stick and turn them into playable levels. There are multiple difficulties, and they very accurately correspond to the music. The advanced stages will also detect some of the finer nuances of each song. The amount of playability you have from this mode corresponds to how much music you want to put on your PSP. It can be limitless. And what does it play like? A lot like Gitaroo-Man (that's a very good thing). You'll hit buttons according to the beat, but they'll fly in from all sides of the screen, and you'll have to hit the corresponding D-Pad direction in tandem with the buttons on screen. Don't worry, in-game tutorials will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Create your own music! Seriously. You'll get access to some rudimentary loops and samples, but you'll get everything you need to create your own tunes. Then, you'll be able to save your music to your Memory Stick.
  • Play online via Infrastructure mode! Yes, you can go against other players online and compete in Beats challenges.
  • Share your music online! You can also upload your musical creations and download other user generated content.
  • Oh, and it's beautiful! Tons of animated skins bring the screen to life. This game is gorgeous.
We have nothing but praise for such an incredible game. It deserves more attention, and we implore you to buy this game. You really have no excuse. Stay tuned for updated impressions.

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