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Heads roll in new Age of Conan trailer

Samuel Axon

GameTrailers published an exclusive new Age of Conan trailer today. It (and everything else on GameTrailers this afternoon) will probably and unfortunately be blown to the wayside by the thermonuclear hype-bomb that is the new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, but really, it's worth viewing. You can watch or download both standard def (embedded here) and high def versions of the trailer.

It's narrated by an old warrior at a bar. He describes the decline of his homeland and the trials that followed -- all against a backdrop of countless shots of AoC characters decapitating one another to epic music. So, pretty much the Age of Conan we've grown to love and expect -- blood that runs like rivers, graphics as impressive as Steve Jobs' resume, and women as loose with love as cable news networks are with the facts!

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