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PSP 'Beats' on PC PlayStation Store today


PlayStation Store's PC portal will be updated today with an original PSP game, Beats. The $4.99 download serves as a rhythm playground for any tunes you've got stored on the Memory Stick, not unlike Harmonix's Phase for iPod.

Developed by SCEE's London Studio, Beats began as a UMD project to be loaded with licensed music and videos by British pop band Sugababes. Thankfully, the London team got the memo in time. As soon as the developers learned that the PSP Store (albeit a PC-to-PSP store) was finally transitioning from dream to reality, they dropped the Sugababes, rear-loading disc and bloated price tag, and opted for an inexpensive, downloadable game powered by its users. Imagine that, Sony did something right.

(Note: Beats is not currently available through PS3's PS Store.)

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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