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Samsung to launch 1.3-inch hard drive at CES


While you're down on the street corner, sweating, hustling and dancing to Stones tracks from the early 80's, Samsung is hard at work creating the next-greatest thing you'll ever own. Enter the Korean company's latest coup de grace, a 1.3-inch hard drive targeted at "mobile consumer devices." 1.3-inch, folks -- that's real, real small. To put it in perspective, current iPod Classic drives are 1.8-inches, so you can imagine the tiny possibilities. Apparently, the magically delicious devices will be announced at the CES in January (where your faithful Engadget team will be avoiding the sleep-monster and scooping the heck out of stories). In addition to the tiny hard drive, Samsung will also be announcing a 1TB, 3.5-inch RAID Edition drive, and a less exciting 2.5-inch, 320GB disk. Expect to hear more... say, in January.

[Via SlashGear]

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