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Wizards partners with Carmageddon devs for downloadable game

Jason Dobson

Crazy rich card game, role-playing, and now social networking company Wizards of the Coast has announced that it is venturing into the downloadable games space with a partnership with UK developer Stainless Games. Both parties remain tight lipped as to the nature of the project, though Stainless CEO Patrick Buckland teases us by calling the game "one of the most treasured IP's in the games field."

While we wait for more information to come in early 2008, it's anyone's guess what will come of this digital love in, especially given Stainless Games' eclectic development history. The studio's recent efforts have been focused on recreating Atari classics for XBLA, though its roots are much less tame, having been responsible for the "racing game for the chemically imbalanced," Carmageddon, as well as its road stained sequel.

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