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BlackBerrys (real ones) come to China

Chris Ziegler

Despite the perceived risk of entering a market that is one of the hottest in the world for both mobile phone use and IP infringement, RIM's finally taking the big leap of faith into mainland China, according to Interfax. The report cites TCL Communications, the firm manufacturing RIM's devices in China, as saying that they've secured an exclusive agreement with China Mobile -- with 10,000 units secured so far, no less -- to sell the somewhat outdated 8700 (not pictured) as the "Alcatel BlackBerry 8700." Interestingly, China Mobile has offered BlackBerry services for quite some time, but has targeted them squarely at folks bringing in BlackBerrys from elsewhere; the actual hardware has never officially launched on the carrier. If the report all pans out, expect to see the 8700s in China Mobile's retail channels by the end of the month.

[Via mocoNews]

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