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Delkin's "world's fastest" 16GB UDMA CF Pro card: so much faster, you won't even notice


Here you go champ, the "world's fastest" 16GB UDMA CompactFlash PRO card from Delkin. Best suited for use in your UDMA capable Canon 1Ds Mark III or D300 and D3x from Nikon, the $400 CF Pro card busts a 305x read/write speed (45MB/sec sustained). For those keeping track, that's a non-noticeable bump from the previous 300x record -- but so it goes in the diffident world of the product marketeer. The cards work with non-UDMA shooters too, and make for lickity-quick RAW image transfers to your PC when using UDMA-capable card readers. Available now, as in today.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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