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Firiona Vie tournament this weekend for Legends of Norrath

William Dobson

EQ2Players informs us of yet another Legends of Norrath tournament this weekend. The theme this time around is Firiona Vie, and every participant in the weekend's tournaments will receive the Firiona Vie, Guardian of Growth card. Everyone will also get a choice between two different loot cards, one for EverQuest and the other EverQuest II, and each of those result in a shapeshift illusion item that buffs the player with a damage shield.

The tournament begins at 7:00AM PST on Saturday and concludes at 9:00PM PST on Sunday. The overall winner will get 9 Oathbound booster packs, and the other top-ranking entrants will get between 8 and 4, but everyone who enters will receive 3 packs. So in the end, everyone will get at the minimum 3 booster packs, the Firiona Vie card, and their choice of one of two loot cards -- just for participating. Not too shabby. The fee for entering this contest is 10 event passes.

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