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How would you change Nokia's N95?

Darren Murph

We know, Nokia's hotly anticipated (and equally well received) N95 has been shipping to all corners of the globe for much of the year -- save for America, of course. Recently, however, those of us parked in the US of A were able to grab hold of a 3G iteration to call our very own, and while we're mighty confident many owners are just glad to (finally) have one, there's a heightened level of expectations that comes along with a price tag this large. Sure, it's hard to knock the 5-megapixel camera, blazing HSDPA support and integrated GPS, but even Achilles had his heel.

For those of you fortunate enough to own this here mobile, why not release a little steam by venting to us those minor, yet inexplicably annoying quirks that are preventing the N95 from being the phone it could otherwise be? Not quite satisfied with the design? Slightly perturbed by the current storage capacity limits? Do you truly feel as if this thing should handle laundry and Quake in its spare time? C'mon, we're confident this heralded handset has a few niggles holding it down, and while a certain segment of you are already enjoying the niceties presented by the latest firmware release, we know this thing is a few features shy of unequivocal domination. Let's hear it! Oh, and don't spend too much time bragging about ownership -- let's get to the good stuff, k?

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