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HTC Neon hits the FCC, next stop NTT DoCoMo?

Chris Ziegler

So we're not too sure what's going on with this here "NEON100" from HTC that just found its way through the FCC's bureaucratic labyrinth. Is it yet another Touch variant? Yeah, it clearly is -- just take a good hard look at that label sample. It's also recently passed through Japan's certification process, and we're seeing some talk across the 'nets that it could be destined for NTT DoCoMo, but we don't think it's the HT1100 since we're not seeing any hint of a slide here. Even more confusing, the test reports are referencing WCDMA Band V -- North America's version of WCDMA on the 850MHz band, versus Japan's Band VI. Ah, screw it, the point is that we're pretty sure this isn't destined for the States unless it's tucked neatly away in the briefcase of a Japanese traveler. Shame, too, since we sure could use a Touch with HSDPA 'round here.

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