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Nextlink reveals miniscule Invisio G5 BT headset

Darren Murph

Nextlink certainly isn't the first company to boast about having the "world's smallest Bluetooth headset," but judging by some quick math, its Invisio G5 may actually be the most diminutive -- for the moment, at least. Measuring in at just 3.3- x 1.6-centimeters and weighing less than six grams, this wee earpiece has an abnormally high risk of vanishing, but at least it will last through some 20-hours of yapping if you do manage to keep track of it. The unit also comes with a protective charging case, and the Soft Spring technology purportedly enables it to "adapt perfectly to the contours of the ear." There's no definitive word on pricing nor availability, but a brief search revealed that this thing can be had for around a C-note at a variety of online stores.

[Via TechDigest]

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