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Nintendo to pull advertising in the wake of Wii shortages


How serious is Nintendo about the Wii shortages? Serious enough to pull some of its advertising for the console, admitting that demand far exceeds supply, and further admitting that advertising a virtually unavailable product just doesn't fit with the holiday spirit.

The UK-based Times Online reports that Nintendo plans on moving some of its already-scheduled Wii advertising to early 2008, citing unprecedented demand for the console as the main factor in its retail vanishing act. It's the same story we've heard before -- that Nintendo is working at full capacity, pumping Wii's out as fast as possible in order to sate the insatiable consumer demand.

Pulling advertising, however, is an entirely new move. A Nintendo spokesman told Times Online that the ads were being pushed back to 2008 in an attempt to "act responsibly." Charles Dickens would be proud.

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