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Nyko's wireless 'Nunchuck' prevents deadly entanglements


The latest bullet fired from Nyko's niche sniper rifle finally severs the terribly constrictive cable between the Wii's remote and its nunchuk controller. IGN has the full report on the Nyko "Wireless Nunchuck," a rather perplexing name given the addition of an extra "c" and, of course, the omission of a connecting wire. Without a wire, isn't it just... a stick?

Oh, but these are mere trifles compared to the sheer freedom of flailing unleashed by this untethered tech! No longer will your hugging high score suffer in Disneyland Mascot Sim -- only the reach of your fully extended arms can hold you back now! Gone are the days when skipping rope minigames resulted in accidental strangulation! It staggers us to think that Nintendo's oversight could be seen to by nothing more than a wireless stick, some extra batteries and a dongle (possibly containing peace-of-mind cooling fans) attached to the bottom of your Wiimote.

You say you'd rather wait until CES delivers price and release details? Why do you hate freedom?

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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