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Omwave's Windows Home Server-based OMSERVERs

Evan Blass

We've already seen a handful of networked storage devices running Windows Home Server, and now comes yet another option from across the ocean in France, Omwave's one to four terabyte OMSERVER. Both the 1TB and 4 x 500GB 2TB options are based on Intel's G32 chipset, powered by 1.8GHz Celerons, sport 1GB of RAM, and offer VGA, mouse, keyboard, three audio, and four USB 2.0 ports; meanwhile, the 2 x 1TB 2TB and 4TB models step up the processing speed to 2.0GHz on a G33 chipset, while also offering FireWire and S-PDIF, two more USB and audio jacks, and the option of an e-SATA module. Shipping immediately, prices on these range from €960 ($1,411) to €2,460 ($3,617) depending on configuration.

[Via We Got Served]

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