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Preview of the WoW comic #2

Mike Schramm

Those wascally wabbits at MTV Multiplayer have somehow gotten their paws (see what I did there?) on a five-page preview of the second World of Warcraft comic, still written by Walter Simonson, and drawn by Ludo Lullabi and Sandra Hope (the cover, pictured here, is done by Blizzard's own Samwise Didier, with an alternate cover by Jim Lee).

I have to admit that I never got a chance to read the first WoW comic, but this does look a lot like the preview we saw a little while ago-- our amnesiac hero (whose name is now "Croc-bait"?) is fighting for his life in the Crimson Ring's arenas, with Orc Shaman (cheer! for the Horde!) Reghar Earthfury by his side. And by the way, giving those blades to a Human is not cool, Reggie baby. There is also a fun little cameo on the last page, but I'll leave it up to you all to speculate who that might be-- I have my own thoughts, but just to stay spoiler-free, I'll keep them to myself.

Still it is cool to see this thing come together, steeped in Warcraft lore as it is. The Blood Elf/Night Elf friction is a nice touch, too-- I'll definitely be shipping those two as the comic rolls on.

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