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Tabula Rasa servers down, rabble rabble rabble! [Updated]

Chris Chester

In a bit of news that I am quite displeased to report, Tabula Rasa appears to be having server troubles this evening, as both Western servers, Cassiopeia and Orion, have gone offline for some seemingly unscheduled maintenance. When we first sat down to write this post, the European server Centaurus was down as well, but has since come back online. We're hoping that this is just a freak incidence of somebody tripping over a power cord or something, and not a debilitating outage. The Bane can't be trusted on a server by themselves all weekend.

No word from Destination Games yet, but we'd expect an update soon. In the meantime, I'll be... I don't know, reading a book or something?

[Update: As of 10:37 EST, the servers all appear to be online and in working order. Back to battle with you, soldiers!]

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