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Wireless Nunchuk removes the very last controller cord from your living room


Nyko has funneled the research funding for their dearly missed Party Station project into a new peripheral. Much like the Party Station had a very simple vision of enhancing every aspect of your Wii parties (except the people attending), the newest peripheral adheres to a clear ideal: removing that one cord from the Wii controller.

The Wireless Nunchuck is -- big surprise -- a wireless Nunchuk. It doesn't have autofire or a cooling fan or anything. It differs from Nintendo's product only in that it's got no wire, clear buttons and a "c" in the name. Amusingly, it'll also include its own wrist strap.

We personally don't care about having the Nunchuk tethered to the Wiimote, with one important exception. We're getting one of these specifically so we can pose that much more flamboyantly in Samba de Amigo. This should nicely substitute for the two-Wiimote control scheme that everyone constantly begs for.

Nyko will announce the pricing and release date and stuff at CES.

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