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Alterac Valley is now awarding honor correctly

Amanda Miller

Ever since patch 2.3 dropped, there has been speculation that battlegrounds have not been awarding honor properly. Because of the confusion over how the bonus honor from the daily battleground quests are awarded, I merrily ignored such debates and popped into Alterac Valley, as well as other BGs, like nothing was happening (hey, I wanted arena season one gear).

It soon became clear that at the very least, Alterac Valley was not shelling out honor as intended. You may have even noticed recently, a message delivered upon log-in, stating that the development team was currently working to resolve the issue. Fortunately, Eyonix has confirmed that the situation has been fixed and AV is once more running smoothly.

At this point, players all over the forums are requesting that honor be retroactively awarded. While I'm not sure if this is even possible, I doubt that we'll see it. Were you affected by the reduced honor, or did you not even notice? Are you seeking lost honor, or were you having fun in spite of the problem?

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