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Cheap Classic Controller alternative for wire haters, master thrusters

Eric Caoili

Whenever accessory manufacturer Thrustmaster comes up in conversation -- and it often does -- we can't help but imagine the Simpsons' Duff Man character stabbing the air with his pelvis. So, if you hear us suddenly yell out, "Oh yeah!" now you understand what provoked our involuntary impulse.

Despite the distracting nature of its company name, Thrustmaster successfully put together an acceptable alternative to Nintendo's Classic Controller and WaveBird with several advantages over its first-party competition:
  1. Togglable rumble via switch
  2. Doesn't depend on a Wii remote hookup for wireless functionality, using a GameCube port dongle instead
  3. Xbox-like shoulder button layout
  4. Turbo and slow modes
  5. Mappable buttons
Best of all, Dell's online shop is currently selling Thrustmaster's T-Wireless NW Gamepad for only $13.59 ($19.99 MSRP) until December 13th! Check out more photos from IGN's favorable review past the break. Oh yeah!

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