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Uncharted's Evan Wells chats about Home trophies, DLC, more

Nick Doerr

So, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells has been answering questions over at ThreeSpeech. We're jealous, since you all should know how much we love Uncharted. Some of these questions are good, some are left for the more techno-savvy or tech-fetish folk. Check out the full Q&A session for the complete story.

- Wells indirectly says "no" to both multiplayer and DLC -- with all the medals and unlockables, no downloadable content is planned right now. No multiplayer either, since the team wanted to create the best single-player experience possible.

- Uncharted
is using approximately 33% of the PS3's available power. We're about 76% sure that he's making up about 28% of that statistic, but we wouldn't be surprised if much better stuff gets squeezed from the PS3 in the future.

- The medals will likely turn into Home trophies when the time comes.

If you want to hear about screen tearing, or the time spent in each phase of the development process, please read ThreeSpeech's complete interview.

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