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Jean Claude Van Damme and Guillermo Toledo promote worldwide WoW love

With the popularity of Shatner and Mr. Tureaud's commercials for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has brought it's celebrity advertising game to a global scale. In a TV spot for France, Jean Claude Van Damme talks about his mage, and, though our French is a little spotty, we're pretty sure he complains about having to respec after patch 2.0.1. After the jump, Spanish comedian Guillermo Toledo talks about how rolled paladin, and how he gets all the cyber-tail in Azeroth. Poor guy.

Yes, we know most of you won't be able to understand both of these commercials, but before the monolingual horde comes to tear us limb from limb, know that there's nearly 10 million subscribers to WoW, and a nice portion of them live in non-English-speaking areas of the world. Plus, you don't have to know the Spanish language to know that Willy Toledo says "paladin" much, much sexier than you or we could ever hope to.


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