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Keepin' it real fake, part C: the FCC probably thinks it's a real Vertu

Chris Ziegler

It takes a very special kind of knockoff to earn a place in the history books as the 100th official installment of our Keepin' it real fake series, and we think we've come across just the right item here. Meet the "730 ROYAL-GP" from Century Telecom, a gussied-up candybar that makes no bones about the fact that it's stealing a few cues from Vertu. That in itself isn't notable -- heck, we pass on writing about eBay auctions hawking Vertu knockoffs seemingly weekly -- but what is notable is that these guys had the stones to push the 730 ROYAL-GP through the FCC. With awesome features like GPRS data and a tri-band GSM radio, we're not too sure why they even bothered, especially considering that any attempt to sell it stateside will carry the risk of Nokia's mighty wrath. On the other hand, it's bound it cost less (way less) than the real thing.

[Thanks, Mickel]

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