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Verizon's FiOS TV Game Extra gets tested, reviewed

Darren Murph

Midway through last month, Verizon announced that subscribers of both FiOS TV and FiOS broadband would have the ability to watch free online broadcasts of multiple camera angles from remaining NFL Network games, and while we knew the feeds wouldn't be delivered in HD, it sounded like the perfect complement to watching the game on your big screen. In reality, however, the service proved a bit of a letdown according to the AP, but of course, we'd bet opinions would vary widely depending on one's fanhood. Users can flip (though not instantaneously) between a trio of angles, and while the content was laggy at times, it seemed at least decently reliable overall. The biggest dig on the service was its less-than-enthralling nature; put simply, you aren't guaranteed to see the "most exciting" shots, so fixing your eyes on the online extras may actually be less entertaining than the high-definition feed lighting up your set. Nevertheless, we're glad to see bonuses such as this being offered up, but we'd highly recommend checking out the read link before you switch services just for Game Extra.

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