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Breakfast Topic: What if your guild went *poof*?

Mark Crump

I'm going through one of those cycles where I don't get to play WoW as much as I would like. This time of the year is hell on people in the review business, not to mention annoyances like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Really, can we talk to someone in scheduling and get the gift-giving holidays moved back a few months so I can clear out the review queue? So, usually when I log on I get the usual "Who are you again?" responses to my salutations in guild chat as I try and decipher if these are new guild members, or more alts that have gotten to 70 in short time.

My fear is sometime I'll log in and they won't be there. Not that I got kicked for inactivity--we've got some active military in my guild so we're cautious on these things--but that some guild-destroying drama erupted while I was gone and I'm now guildless. (Note: not affiliated with that guild; it just came up in Google.) My guild is a fairly stable guild--the guild itself is three years old, so I think we're gonna make it.

What would you do if that happened to you? Me, I'd jump servers. My guild is the only bond I have with my server as I have several RL friends on another server. Thankfully, my guild rocks that much that leaving the guild and going to my friends' server has never been seriously considered.

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