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GameTap's top 10 rhythm games of all time

We play a lot of rhythm games at Joystiq HQ. Not because we like them, mind you, but because they're part of our strict training regimen for our competitive show choir squad, the Joystiq Jumpin' Junebugs. It's a little known fact that every video game blog has such a team, as required by the Digital Communications Act of 2006, and every year, we meet at an undisclosed location to compete for a year's worth of unspoken superiority. We all take it pretty seriously -- we really shouldn't be telling you this, but a certain GameSpot editorial director was recently let go after skipping two consecutive choreography rehearsals.

Jared Rea, GameTap blogger and Joystiq retiree (not to mention former Junebug captain), recently compiled the top ten rhythm games of all time. While we're pleased as punch to see newcomer Rock Band taking the number one spot, the unceremonious exclusion of Gitaroo Man from the list is unforgivable. We'd sit and sulk if we had time, but there's an exhibition match against the Kotaku Flying Pompadours this Wednesday, and we've yet to perfect the harmony on "We Built This City."

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