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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is Still Alive

Ross Miller

Did you miss us yesterday? We bet you did, but don't think for a second that we were gone for good. Believe us, we are still alive. So is Scott Ramsoomair, who after an extended VG Cats hiatus delivers a flash-based fan video for Portal. The music is Jonathan Coulton's "I'm Still Alive," so we should go ahead and warn those that haven't beaten the game to not view this video, as it is enriched with spoilers. Enriched like moist, delicious cake.

Here are our picks for the week's best game-related webcomics, be sure to vote for your favorite!

Answer the call!
Unlimited power
Night Elf Guitar Hero
Old school
Absence makes the wait feel longer
Follow the leader
A mess, indeed

P.S. - Check out this new graphic novel series from sister site WOW Insider.

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