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Borderlands premiere features a 'helluvalotta guns'


Borderlands made its video premiere last night during Spike's VGAs with this quaint trailer narrated by (spoiler alert!) a cruelly deformed hottie. Your guide to the unnamed planet of Borderlands informs you that there are more ideal vacation getaways than this, pegging you as either a 'fool' or 'criminal' (perhaps hinting at the inclusion of choice-gameplay similar to Mass Effect's Paragon/Renegade system). The planet, which features the requisite Ice Level, is rife with bandits and untamed wildlife, just the sorta snag to cut your visit short unless you've got help, er, guns -- make that -- "a helluvalotta guns" (this is an RPG-shooter after all). Oh, and don't forget to visit the Vault -- it's got a big, glowing entrance. You can't miss it!

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