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PaRappa dev targets Wii

Ross Miller

PaRappa the Rapper developer NanaOn-Sha has announced it will be making a new music-centric game for Nintendo Wii due out in late 2008. It will be published by Majesco. The developer is also responsible for UmJammer Lammy and Vib-Ribbon (never released on the US), as well as the non-musical Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop series.

The as-of-yet untitled game reunites the development studio with PaRappa artist Rodney Alan Greenblat. No other details are currently available, but here's hoping for another catchy soundtrack to go alongside our PaRappa- and Katamari-infused playlists. For a refresher on what a collaboration between Greenblat and NanaOn-Sha can produce, check out the visual reminder after the break.

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