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    SageTV's STX-HD100 HD Media Extender gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Although we just caught wind of SageTV's new HD Media Extender late last month, the unit is now not only up for sale, but it's already been through quite a workout at the hands of Brent Evans. The STX-HD100 showed a lot of promise on paper, and thankfully, it seems to have delivered in reality. Mr. Evans found the overall experience with the device to be "very impressive," noting that image quality was "excellent," file support was up to snuff and heat / noise were both non-factors. Additionally, the box played nice with a myriad operating systems, suffered from no "crippling DRM restrictions" and came in at a very respectable $199. Granted, there were a few things to pick on -- namely the lack of an optical drive / CableCARD slot and the inability of the remote to toggle the TV on and off -- but aside from that, most everything else seemed to garner copious quantities of praise. We know, it does sound a bit too good to be true, but head on over and digest the whole spill if you're still skeptical.

    [Via ZatzNotFunny]

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