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Sanyo's LP-XF70 is world's brightest two-lamp projector: as big as it looks


Yes, she's likely small, just not that small. Instead, you're looking at a new 9,000 lumen commercial projector from Sanyo -- the world's brightest dual-lamp LCD for business use. Measuring 20.8 x 29.8 x 10.6-inches and 61-pounds, the 1,024 x 768 resolution LP-XF70 boasts the world's first two-lamp, three-mirror, photosynthesis technology and Active Maintenance Filter system said to minimize maintenance. It offers a 37% decrease in power use when compared to Sanyo's existing business model while increasing light efficiency by 160%. Better yet, the projector can achieve its 330W output from plain ol' 100V AC -- no need to run a special 200V circuit just for the projector. A widescreen-XGA LP-WF20 projector capable of just 6,000 lumens was also announced. The ?3,675,000 (about $33k) XF70 will be available in Japan on January 11th while the WF20 hits on January 21st for ?2,625,000 (about $23,500).

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