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The Bourne Ultimatum simultaneously launching in HD on VUDU

Darren Murph

For Bourne fans the world over, you're well aware of what tomorrow is. December 11th, of course, is the day that The Bourne Ultimatum will be landing on DVD / HD DVD, but what you may not realize is that it will also be launching on VUDU. Granted, we've seen simultaneous launches before, but this is quite an eventful way for VUDU to get the ball rolling on its HD movie releases. We already knew the firm was aiming to release HD flicks before the holidays, and just recently it announced that a number of studios had already signed on. Universal Pictures, however, is going the extra mile by being the first to unveil a downloadable HD version of a major motion picture on the same day the actual disc hits shelves. Notably, The Bourne Ultimatum won't be available as a rental (purchase only), and while it appears that it'll run users $24.99, it sure sounds like the previous two Bourne films will be available "for free during the holiday season."

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