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Tymphany's LAT250 subwoofer: smaller than you'd think

Darren Murph

Believe it or not, that thing you see above actually is a subwoofer, albeit a wee one. Tymphany's LAT250 (Linear Array Transducer) deviates from the traditional cone approach and instead "displaces air using a linear array of multiple smaller diaphragms." A pair of internal motors drive both sets of diaphragms, and the unit itself can be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on your install needs. Most notably, this thing reportedly checks in at just 10.24- x 3.5-inches in size and weighs only 1.86-pounds, but it can somehow still handle 100-watts RMS. As you'd expect, Tymphany is aiming this unit at users with tight space requirements, and while a variety of impedance configurations are available, the standard 4-ohm dual-coil version is available now for $58.

[Via AudioJunkies]
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