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Winter Veil mysteries

John Himes

The Feast of Winter Veil will be upon us in less than a week and we already know that there will be new elements added to WoW's biggest holiday. Item database and news sites have been publishing information about this year's festivities for quite awhile now, but nonetheless there are still two mysteries that are pestering me.

First of all, as you are probably aware, there is a Winter Veil quest to kill the Abominable Greench and retrieve the stolen Smokywood Pastures' treats in the Alterac Mountains. Upon completion of the quest, you're rewarded with a box that can contain a special profession recipe. Alchemy, Engineering, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Tailoring have all been represented in the possible rewards. This brings us down to my burning question: Will jewelcrafters have a new design added to the gift box this year? If so, what could it possibly be?

The other mystery is a little more pertinent to me, since I've always wanted to own one of those cool Santa hats. We've already been informed by Blizzard that the new Outland instance bosses will be wearing the holiday hats, and will thus have a chance to drop them when killed. I'm simply wondering if the old world bosses will also be donning the headgear this year, because it would make the item easier to farm at level seventy.

Do you have any unanswered questions about this year's Winter Veil festivities? What do you think about mine? Any chance that these things will actually occur this year?

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