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Analyst: Wii still in lead by 2011, PS3 close behind


Ah, here's something else to place in the next time capsule we bury at the bottom of the Wii Fanboy garden, along with our copy of Cruis'n (we feel future generations should understand the horror). Research company Screen Digest broke out the pencil crayons and came up with the graph above, forecasting exactly how the now-gen console race will look come 2011. And while things don't look, erm, massively promising for Microsoft and the Xbox 360, Screen Digest has the PlayStation 3 almost neck and neck with the Wii by year-end 2011.

Naturally, we'd advise taking this with a rather large dose of salt, because this industry has proven time and time again to be an unpredictable beast. After all, would such a graph have been published one year before the Wii first came to market?

[Via CVG]

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