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Cablevision launches 44 Days in HD promotion

Darren Murph

Just recently, Cablevision added HD iterations of HGTV and Food Network, bringing its total high-definition channel amount to a fairly respectable 44. Apparently, just hitting that milestone isn't good enough, as the provider is now going to be trumpeting a different HD channel over the next 44 weekdays. The "44 Days in HD, on iO TV" promotion will reportedly "recognize a different high-definition channel available to the company's iO TV digital cable customers each weekday," presumably blasting customers with "daily press releases, banners on iO TV and the consumer web portal." The scheme is supposed to showcase Cablevision's ability to offer up a plethora of HD channels "without any of the extra fees and charges phone and satellite TV providers impose on customers," but honestly, it sounds more like hot air than anything.

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