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Preview the Frostfell crafted goodness from EQ2's Test Server

William Dobson

Niami Denmother and her team at EQ2 Traders Corner have once again been busy, this time cataloging tradeskill content that has been included in the recent Game Update 41 on the EverQuest II test server. The new items have been crafted and photographed for your enjoyment, including Frostfell-themed goodies.

The preview includes a look at how to obtain some of the Frostfell recipes and ingredients, and a gallery of both furniture and clothing items that are available for Frostfell 2007. It's not all Frostfell-related crafting items that come with Game Update 41 either, and the preview page includes details on some new candles, lamps, and dishes for your in-game home.

So you like what you've seen and can't wait until this is all available on your normal server? In that case, you can get your fill of GU41 right now on the test server -- but it shouldn't be too long before it's live.

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