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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 teaser has glam, forgets gameplay footage

Ross Miller

If you're wondering what Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will look like in-game, close your eyes and wish really hard for a new trailer. However, if you want to see what operatives do when not scaling walls or killing people (hint: it involves bountiful, big-breasted, brunette bimbos bumped briskly by brazen bodies), boy do we have a teaser for you.

The original video was posted and later pulled by GameTrailers, only to be re-uploaded to the site via a user -- if the video is pulled again, you can also find a copy at DailyMotion (via Megatonik). Other facts: it's still in Las Vegas and that's the logo above. Did you want to know anything else? Don't be so greedy!

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