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Rebellion to develop Shellshock sequel for sure


UK developer Rebellion has declared its intention to take a break from the PSP and instead focus on those newfangled home consoles it keeps hearing so much about. After churning out several portable games based on licenses such as Star Wars, The Simpsons and Alien vs. Predator, Rebellion plans to dip into more original properties, as well as those found in its 2000AD comic book business. Before that happens though, the developer will be piecing together a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sequel to Shellshock, Eidos' critically panned third-person Vietnam shooter. (Hey, it could be worse!)

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley told that the end result would be a "mature product" and "a bit like Jacob's Ladder or Apocalypse Now in movie terms." Despite "challenging the nature of war, the horror and why people do these horrific things to each other," Kingsley assured all that Shellshock 2 is "looking absolutely lovely." Expect to learn more about people doing horrific things to each other in 2008.

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