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Tabula Rasa 1.3 patch delights despite repair hiccup

Chris Chester

After much to-do, Tabula Rasa's 1.3 patch finally went live today. The Military Surpluses are finally giving the game's currency some value, the Festive Seasonal Holiday Observance Flora look spectacular, and rare weapons are finally doing the sort of damage befitting their type. My purple Laser Cannon went from being a situational weapon to one that I can use in a huge melee to considerable success. I am overcome with holiday joy!

The only hiccup was a problem with the repair system, which DG has acknowledged and are currently hotfixing as we speak. The changes to itemization necessitated that rare weapons were more costly to repair, but something got fudged in the implementation, and when players logged back in post-patch, they found that the item health on their equipment was much lower than it was pre-patch, and that things were prohibitively expensive to fix. As of 4:30 EST, they pulled down the servers to fix this problem. The update on the website says that players that logged in before this fix will receive a "credit bonus" to compensate. We'll see what that means when the game comes back up in a little bit.

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